Friday, September 21, 2018

Review Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix

Hi, I know, I know, Im slacking lately but honestly Ive only just managed to squeeze In this review, I finished this book In two days!
I read It last week, mean meaning to do a review but I havent had the time and to be honest I still have zero time, my blog will be put on hold for a few weeks while I move house etc.

Anyway lets get to the review.

I saw this book on facebook, It was in one of those facebook book groups, dont ask me which one because I have not got a clue, my memory Is one of a goldfish.

So I saw this and thought I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I LOVE IKEA!
Who doesnt love Ikea!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Me, me and more me.

Hello, evening, I was meant to post this earlier but I napped for longer than I should of and I had to nip to the shops, plus I ended up dying my hair.
I'll have no hair left at this rate! I decided to go a little lighter brown as I felt It was a little to dark for my skin tone.
Anyway I think I've done a post all about me.... I forget, but why not do a in depth one eh.
I'm sat here typing with these twatting long nails on, which is a pissing nightmare! I have ordered some new ones which actually came today, they're shorter, I also bought some cute pastel nail polish! I'll end up doing my nails tomorrow, oh crap I'm supposed to be writing about me not my bloody nails ha!
Right I'm back on track now!
I'm Leila, Its pronounced Layla, I'm 28 years old. I'm a Gemini which fits me perfectly because I do have a split personality.
I'm a loner, I enjoy been at home by myself, the best times Is night time when I can put my candles on and be In my room all cosy, with my cats.
I have a fiancé called Adam aka Cook, he's 24 so technically I'm a cougar Ha!
I have a daughter who Is 6 called Alannah aka Alannah Banana.
I have 2 cats but want more!
I work part time for my parents business.
I live with alannah and our 2 cats.
I'm a painfully shy and awkward person, I think that's why I blog because Its mainly sat behind my computer screen.
I also suffer from chronic depression, Its mainly under control as I take my happy pills but I sleep quite a bit, I'm like a toddler If I don't get a nap In.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Why I didnt like the kindle

Hello, Happy Tuesday!
I was going to wait till I got my new nails to do this post, Ive ordered shorter nails because typing with long nails is so difficult! But here I am, I couldnt wait!

This post Is all about the Kindle.
About a month ago I noticed In a book group on Facebok that almost everybody was raving and saying fantastic things about the Kindle paperwhite, I looked into it and I must say It looked fantastic!
So I went ahead and ordered this one from Argos, It cost me £109.99, but then I noticed It went down to £80 few days later which was annoying!
Anyway I found so many fantastic books for only 99p!! New titles too!
I downloaded about six I think, anyway so Im reading Thirteen, and all this time Im hating It.
It may be just me but I litterally could not get the hang of how I was reading this book, and Istarted to hate the book I was reading, I think I complained to my other half about a million times.

I dont know If im weird or what but I like to feel a book In my hands, a proper book. I like to know how far I am In the book physically!
I dont know if that makes me weird. Yes I know the kindle has like a percentage but Its honestly not the same!