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Happy Friday!!!
Not so happy for me as I work Saturdays.
But non the less I do like Fridays, seems to put almost everyone In a good mood.

I thought I would do a book post, my book shelf, Its small as I did a massive clear out on my books, ones I read, then I just stopped buying them but I'm back to been a addict now.

This Is the books Ive accumulated over a few weeks.

 So a few of these I have had a while, I keep meaning to read them but I always buy new ones and read them, so these are my older books.
CJ Skuse Is one of my favourite authors and Ive been dying to read The Deviants.
The last days of Jack Sparks Is supposed to be quite scary, so I'm looking forward to reading that.
When I finally get round to reading them I do not know this.

This Is my new pile.
I was so obsessed with the mystery series buy Kat French I bought all her book.
I'm not even ashamed.
Anyway she also goes by the name Julia Silvers and she wrote One day In December (something along them lines) I feel awful saying this but half way through I had to give up. It wasn't terrible but It was far to romantic for my liking.
Ive read chapter 2 of Tracey Beaker and I'm not liking It, I have no Idea If I'm losing my reading mojo which I tend to do more often, These books do appeal to me so I hope to get back Into It and grow my collection more as I do love having books In my home.


10 facts you might not know about me

Hello and happy Tuesday.
Urgh Tuesdays I hate Tuesdays, I'm writing this post while I'm freezing cold at work and waiting to go home even though I still have two hours to go.. help me.

Anyway I thought Id do a post of 10 facts about me.
Well seen as though It Is my blog, I thought Id give you an Insight of who I am.

I'm socially awkward. I don't make friends easily, I am friendly, I just rather like my own company, some people hate been alone but to me, I love It.

I read a hell of alot. I'm always buying books and I spend most nights tucked away reading.
I find It calming.

I'm a cat person, I'm always on the hunt to find new cats I can take home LOL.
I actually like cats more than humans. I would put a LOL on the end but I'm not joking.

I'm a mother. Shes called Alannah and shes 6 years old.

I work for my parents business selling headstones. I know Its a different job.

I have depression but I hate talking about my mental health.
I refuse to write about my experiences with It, I feel Its my business and I don't really want to talk to everyone on the Internet about my depression.

I'm very spiritual, I have two angels by my side all the time (to the right of me)
I googled It and apparently Muslims believe that. I'm not a Muslim.
I also read angel cards too. I don't do It very often now.

I'm a film and TV series junkie!
When I'm not reading I'm looking for new horror films or a good TV series to watch.

I'm a gemini.

I'm 28 years old.

Thanks for reading

Bondi sands everyday tan review

Hello, happy Saturday!!
Ive been so excited to do this review, Ive had It on hold while I sort my blog out, which I have now done, check out my new theme, do we like It?
And It was a total steal on Etsy! £4 I think.

Anyway lets get started with this review.

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